History of the Department of Technology of building production and building materials

The department of technology of building production and building materials is one of the oldest in the O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkov.

The history of the department began in the early twentieth century. In the 1934/35 school year at the Kharkov Institute of Public Utilities, the following were discovered:

– building study room and

– laboratory of building materials.

Later in 1941, the Construction Production Cabinet was created.

The department staff has always been headed by leading experts in the field of building materials, block and monolithic housing construction, construction technology, the teaching staff of the department was replenished with experienced production workers. One of the rectors of our university, Vasily Gavrilovich Tsupko, 4 deans of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, was one of the ranks of her teachers.

Each of the managers contributed to the development of scientific schools, the training of highly qualified specialists for the national economy. The students of the leaders of these scientific directions defended their dissertations and joined the staff of the department. They developed research areas related to the research of repair problems, ensuring the durability of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, optimization of shotcrete technology.

One of the most outstanding head of the scientific schools of the department was Dr. tech. Sci., Professor M. G. Dyuzhenko, Academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety, Honored Worker of Science, awarded with a medal to them. M. V. Lomonosov and "Star of the Scientist." In 1975, he opened the sectoral research laboratory “Technology and Mechanization of Construction Production”, and dealt with issues of optimizing the technology of shotcrete. The designs of M. G. Dyuzhenko and his students were introduced during the construction of the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Buryat Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Plant. On the original energy-saving technology were made sleepers, paving slabs and other types of products and structures.

Another prominent scientist of the department was Professor M. T. Melnik, who headed the scientific school to obtain the study of high-refractory binders and concretes based on them. Their developments were introduced at the Institute of High Temperatures of the USSR Academy of Sciences and at the Institute of Metal Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In addition, the department staff conducted research on optimizing the calculations of the composition of concrete and cement, the use of waste incineration in the production of building materials, the results were introduced at the largest enterprises in the country: Zhigulevsk Building Materials Combine, Bryansk Cement and Slate Cement Plants.

To date, the department has a laboratory for building materials, office building production. Thanks to the cooperation with Golden Trade, a modern laboratory for the production of ceramic materials was equipped.

In recent years, there has been a change of generations at the department, new young cadres from graduates of our university have arrived. In 2018, the department celebrated its 80th anniversary.

Now the average age of employees does not exceed 40 years. Of our 15 employees, 13 have academic degrees and academic titles.

Currently, the department of TSP and SM produces bachelors and masters with a specialization in Industrial and Civil Engineering. Master-students in construction and civil engineering and graduate students in the field of:

- 05.23.05 building materials and products (the head is Dr. Sc., Professor. Kondrashchenko E. V.);

- 05.23.08 technology of building production (the head is Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Zolotov N. M.).

For its 80 years, the department of "Technology of construction production and building materials" has released more than 2000 engineers, bachelors and masters.

The staff of the department cooperates with many leading construction organizations of the city of Kharkov, where our students undergo practical training.

The department continues the tradition and its scientific activities. The main research areas of employees today are:

– "Materials science and technology solutions for the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures";

– "Improvement of technology for producing concretes of low energy and material intensity".

The teachers actively publish scientific monographs and articles, participate in international conferences, carry out state budget and economic agreements, and attract students to this activity.

Combining the historical heritage of the department with innovative approaches in education, the team identified strategic vectors for further development.

In our plans to open new specializations for all levels of student training. Actively participate in university research activities and in international conferences. To contribute to the preparation of modern competitive specialists not only for Ukraine, but also for the international market of construction production.

The department has made a significant contribution to the historical heritage of our university and continues to replenish its ranks with its graduates.

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